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Welcome to Enduro School

Here you will learn how to ride a motorcycle like a true professional. Whether you are new to off-road motorcycling or looking to hone your skills, our technique learning program, led by our qualified instructor, Alec Dumitrescu, is ready to help you achieve your goals.

Alec is a silver medalist at the European Extreme Enduro Championship and a two-time finalist at RedBull Romaniacs, securing the 6th and 11th positions. He is also a multiple enduro champion in Romania.

At the Enduro School, you will become familiar with the motorcycle and immediately correct your movement on the steepest tracks, in a safe environment.

Our courses are designed to help you learn and practice basic and advanced enduro techniques.

Whether you focus on posture, braking, turns, overcoming obstacles, or terrain-specific techniques, Alec will guide you through each stage of the process.

The first part of each day of the course is dedicated to specific enduro exercises in a safe environment, and in the second part of the day, you will have the opportunity to practice the techniques learned in the mountains, on natural trails.

The course dates are available upon request, and the location is in Prahova, Romania.

The duration of the course can be 3, 5, or 7 days, and accommodation is provided at Camp AdventurEnduro.

The course is open to participants with a minimum of 5 people in the class.

The course price includes a variety of benefits, such as welcome drinks, accommodation in double rooms, meals, technical assistance, and more.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, our courses are tailored for all levels.

Alec Dumitrescu is here to help you improve your technique, skills, and confidence in the exciting world of enduro.

Enroll now and get ready to make a difference in your enduro adventure!

Tour Packages

All tour packages take place on private properties.




with personal bike
1 participant 1 bike - 3-day tours
4 nights accommodation (dinner and breakfast included)
Enduro guide experience
Full tank every morning
Motorcycle and clothes laundry



with personal bike
1 participant 1 bike - 4-day tours
5 nights accommodation (dinner and breakfast included)
Enduro guide experience
Full tank every morning
Motorcycle and clothes laundry



with personal bike
1 participant 1 bike - 5-day tours
6 nights accommodation (dinner and breakfast included)
Enduro guide experience
Full tank every morning
Motorcycle and clothes laundry
The package includes

3-5-7 days, with guided excursions throughout the day, accommodations overnight, including breakfast and dinner.

  • Mechanical service.
  • Transfers from Henri Coanda International Airport.
  • Luggage transportation between stages.
  • Tips and tricks regarding motorcycling, if necessary.
  • Secure parking space for motorcycles, cars, and trailers.
  • Repair tools for your motorcycles, upon request.
  • Souvenir for all enduro participants.
  • An enduro day typically lasts 6-8 hours.
  • Lunch break is 1 hour.
  • All travel days include routes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced (extreme) riders.

  • The motel is located near the starting track (~100 meters). Our tours are designed and guided by motorcyclists, for motorcyclists. We understand there are a variety of reasons why people want to come and ride a motorcycle in Romania, so we view the trip as a whole experience, "not just a motorcycle ride." Daily schedules are well-balanced, and daily distances are not too long, allowing riders, if they wish, to explore other places as well as participate in other activities available along the way. We are proud to be able to show you the uniqueness of Romania and its people, combined, of course, with amazing motorcycle tracks.

The package does not include

Individual arrival and departure (flight tickets), lunch, beverages, personal insurance, trip cancellation coverage.

Useful Information

  1. If a rider causes damage to a motorcycle beyond the possibility of repair by the end of the day, and if we do not have another motorcycle available for the next day, the rider will remain at the base camp for repairs, and this day will be considered a normal tour day.
  2. Tour prices include airport transfers, meals + a few beers, accommodation, motorcycles, fuel, and the enduro guide. If you need additional alcoholic beverages in the evening, the cost will be covered by your own wallet!
  3. You must be aware that any major damage to the motorcycle you are riding will incur additional charges. This does not include scratches on the plastic and minor dents.
  4. Liability. The rider releases the organizer, in advance, from any civil or criminal liability in case of bodily injury or damage, serious accidents that may occur during or after tours.
  5. Typically, you come in a group, so understand that the group's speed will be the speed of the slowest rider in the group. The guide will adapt the routes and difficulty level so that everyone can endure throughout the day. This will happen unless you decide to split the group, in which case you will be charged extra and will have an additional guide.
  6. The above prices are calculated for a group of minimum 4 riders. For fewer riders in a group, prices will be higher. This needs to be discussed via email.